Good vs Evil is a lie? It’s actually Empowerment vs Control.

I get this question all the time: How can we know whom to believe? Who’s really telling the truth? Which person should I support for political office at the next election?

What if I told you there is an incredibly simple way to tell not only who’s good and who’s bad, but also how to tell who is pushing absolute evil onto our world?

This method is remarkably accurate, and you can use it right now to assess almost anyone.

It all starts with understanding the spectrum of control vs. empowerment.

Imagine a 10-foot string stretched out on the ground. On the far left side of the string, there is a point we’ll call “Control.” On the far right side of the string, another point is called “Empowerment.”

Let’s start with the “Empowerment” side first. This point represents people who primarily seek toempower you with knowledge, skills, wisdom and tools. “Empowerment” represents GOOD because it allows wisdom, skills and abundance to multiply from one person to the next. It recognizes the value of the individual and honors consciousness and free will.

On the far left side of the string — which also represents the political left in America today — we have “Control.” This point represents people who primarily seek to control you: to extract money from you (rob you), to limit your freedoms, to demand your obedience and to use the threat of force to command your compliance. This philosophy dishonors the individual and downplays free will and individual liberty. “Control” is inherently evil because it seeks to diminish the power of a large number of people in order to accumulate power into the hands of a few people.

(The context of this discussion is, of course, entirely in the realm of dealing with adults. Obviously children should be subjected to certain controls for their own development and safety. That’s called good parenting. But to treat adults like children and attempt to control them like a parent controlling a child is unjustified and inherently destructive.)

Examples of “control” vs “empowerment”

A person who seeks to teach others how to garden and thereby grow their own food is practicingempowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to place other people on government food stamps and thereby make them dependent on government for their food is practicing control and is inherently EVIL.

A school that teaches students to think for themselves and engage in critical, skeptical thinking about the world around them is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a school that teaches students blind obedience to institutional authority while denying them the liberty to think for themselves is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to help others create their own successful businesses and generate abundant profits for themselves and their employees is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to destroy entrepreneurship, suppress innovation(cough..Apple and Microsoft…cough), punish small businesses and burden private sector job creation with onerous taxes and regulation is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to teach others how to protect themselves against violent crime through the intelligent, ethical use of weapons for self defense is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to strip away from everyone else their right to self defense, placing them in the position of defenseless victimization, is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A city mayor who seeks to teach his constituents the principles of nutrition and food choice so that they might make better decisions about their diet and health is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a city mayor who demands blind obedience to his selective agenda of banning large sodas or other junk food items is practicing control and is therefore EVIL. (Bloomberg, anyone?)

So, getting back to the title of this article, the way to instantly tell whether a person is “good” or “evil” is to examine their actions on the control vs. empowerment spectrum. If they predominantly seek to control others, they are mostly evil. If they predominantly seek to empower others, they are mostly good.

Be careful to examine peoples’ actions, not merely their words. Anyone can talk a good game of “empowerment,” but very few actually seek to educate and uplift others around them.

The politics of control vs. empowerment

The political left is deeply invested in a philosophy of control. The left believes in centralized control over the economy, societal control of parenting and children, government control over education, centralized bankster control over money, and government control over health care.

The political right is invested in a philosophy of non-interventionism. They classically believe the government should keeps its hands off education, the economy, businesses operations and private lives. (Of course, today’s political right is actually just as much pro-big government as the political left.)

Libertarianism, by the way, is a philosophy of allowing — allowing people to make their own fortunes, or mistakes, or personal decisions as long as their behaviors do not harm others. Classic libertarianism means people are free to do what they wish, including marrying someone of the same sex if that’s their choice, as long as their actions do not cause direct harm to others around them. Many people mistakenly think they are libertarians but they are actually closet control freaks because they want everyone else to conform to their own ideas of marriage, religion, recreational drug use, prostitution and so on. A true libertarian must tolerate the free will actions of others even if those actions are obviously self-destructive to the individual.

In terms of ethics, “controlism” is inherently destructive because it denies an individual his or her humanity. “Empowerment” is inherently good (or even blessed) because it invests in the individual the power of determining her or her own life outcomes.

The universe is written in the code of conscious empowerment

From a spiritual perspective, the Creator granted humans free will precisely because free will puts control into the hands of the individual, not a centralized power figure. If we were not meant to be free, we would never have been created with free will.

In this way, “controlism” stands in contradiction to the laws of the universe and the existence of free will and consciousness. Thus, the underlying philosophy of the political left is anti-consciousness, anti-free will and a contradiction of the fundamental laws of the universe.

This is why collectivist mandates feel so alien to a free-thinking human being… because control freakism is a violation of self-evident, universal truth. This is also why the leftist / collectivist political philosophy is doomed to fail: It exists in gross violation of the laws of the universe. No human being inherently wants to live without freedom, functioning merely as an obedient peon under a system of centralized control. It feels wrong because it is universally and spiritually wrong.

That is why it will fail. And that is why all those who defend individual liberty, free will and individual empowerment quite literally have God and the universe on their side.

In summary, then, if you want to determine whether a person is “good” or “evil” — in effect, whether they are living in congruency with the laws of the universe — simply place them on the spectrum of “control” versus “empowerment” and your question all but answers itself.

Be the Cresponian I know you could be…Empower yourself and those around you to create the world you want to live in.

Microsoft is Collapsing and lying about it to themselves and the public.

If you have never seen how a large company does damage control from the inside, the somewhat surreal proceedings are a bit hard to understand. Microsoft’s current strategy to re-brand the failure of Windows 8 is equal parts masterful and disingenuous.

In case you haven’t been following Windows 8 sales recently, or should we say lack thereof, it is a debacle. The release of a new OS usually spurs computer sales, even the lamentable Windows Vista spurred sales quite a bit, as did Windows 7. While I can’t find a list of historical PC sales by quarter for the relevant time periods, the yearly trendshows pretty clearly that the trend has been steadily and significantly upwards almost without deviation.

Microsoft has a history of putting out sales figures when things are good, and almost invariably skewing even those to look better than they really are. The widely reported 67% increase in sales due to Vista was a very skewed number, but even that dog of an OS bumped sales notably. The real point is that the initial sales numbers released are never as good as Microsoft spinners first say, but historically speaking they have never been negative. So why does Microsoft feel the need to inflate an already good number?

The answer to that question is essentially because they can, if you see a situation to get good PR for your company, you usually take it. How far one goes to get that is a good reflection on the ethics or lack thereof within a company. We won’t comment on the ethics of Microsoft, if you are unsure about them I would recommend starting with a quick Google search about how the company has been found to violate its court or EU ordered behavior changes for a start. If you still want more, go read their all about theUS monopoly abuse trial which they lost. For the record, the author doesn’t hold their corporate ethics in very high regard.

So when Microsoft has good news, they shout it from the rooftops loudly. It is usually picked up by anyone that will listen and printed in just about every news outlet out there. Given the echo chamber effect of the internet where no one seems to think about the numbers they are reporting much less actually fact check them, it is really easy to manipulate the press and create “truth”. Microsoft is quite adept at this technique.

The idea behind it is easy enough to understand and even easier to carry out. If you know that people are expecting a result of X, it gives you a backdrop of plausibility. Official statements from a company also add to this veneer of truth, and with both one can play off of people’s preconceived notions in a very scary way. If Microsoft knows everyone thinks that a new OS will bump up sales, that is where they can start.

To make up an example, if a new OS is released and sales go up 25% for that quarter, a company would be well served with that as a headline. “People love it” etc etc etc. If sales go up 50% for the top 5 PC makers that hypothetically sold 50% of the units, that definitely looks better than a 25% increase. This however means that the rest of the ecosystem was flat that quarter which is not a good thing. An average company would run with the 25% number, an ethical one might lead with 25% and note the disparity between the top 5 and the rest. An unethical company would say, “Sales are up 50% this quarter”, then only hand out cards for the PR folk at the top 5 PC makers.

Is the last one lying? Nope, it is 100% true. Is it honest? By the literal interpretation of the words, barely and technically yes. Is it ethical? Hell no. Is it a deliberate attempt to be deceitful and mislead? Hell yes. But this kind of thing never happens with upstanding Fortune 500 companies, right? Nope never, and not a chance that it will either,especially in front of financial analysts.

OK, sarcasm aside it happens all the time, and the modern press has almost totally eschewed their responsibilities in both fact checking the original and more importantly calling the company out on any unethical behavior. This is an abject failure in their most important responsibility and it is becoming the norm rather than the exception. More troubling is that many companies have noticed this and actively use it to make sure their skewed or flat-out untrue message gets out and repeated before the real story bubbles up.

The idea is once again simple, if you see a headline on 10 of the 11 sites you normally read, you might believe it. If, “Sales up 50%!!!!” is everywhere and you were expecting it to be up, you “buy” the story as true. A week later a rather dry and technical story on page 3 saying, “Well you know, a close examination of the numbers shows that the 50% number wasn’t really the whole truth.” will get maybe 1% of the reads the 50% headline story got two weeks before. Worse yet, many outlets won’t even publish the not-quite-a-retraction like the Seattle PI did above, that might endanger ad revenue.

Most of the modern media is completely bought and sold, advertisers and money men have absolute control over content. To compound the misery, editors either have no real say or are complicit in the ethical lapses. Don’t believe me? Know who CNet is? How about CBS, they own CNet. Remember CES 2013 where CNet awarded Dish the Best of CES award for their Hopper DVR? Remember how a letter from CBS legal made CNet silently remove that award before the winner was announced and give it to the runner-up Razer Edge Tablet?

You may have heard about Razer’s win during CES and possibly the flap about CNet/CBS’ behavior that broke just about every rule of journalistic ethics out there. Do you remember the CEA’s belated press release almost a month later giving Dish the co-winner award? Probably not. Care to venture how many page views across all sites the original “Best of CES goes to Razer” story got? How about the, “Co-winners of Best of CES are…” one a month later? Think the latter hit 5% of  the former’s reads? How many print newspapers do you think ran with the first vs the second?

The worst part of manipulating the press for financial gain is that it works very well. The fallout for CNet? They can’t run the Best of CES award next year, boo-hoo. CBS changed their tune not a bit, and has since been forced to admit they won’t even allow coverage of companies that they have disagreements with. Aereo won’t get reviewed on CNet or CBS at all, nor will any others that CBS doesn’t like for some non-public list of reasons. How many others? Who knows. What are these offenses? Who knows? How does one find out what CNet/CBS is silently submarining? The scary part is that there is no way, they won’t tell you unless someone leaks it and, not or, it starts getting lots of coverage. How many other companies do this and to whom? Good question with no answer. You might want to go back and read 1984 again if it hasn’t been silently pulled from your e-reader without consent or compensation.

What this is all about is simple, you get more eyeballs with big early splashy headline than without. Dry analysis and/or retractions weeks later get almost none and the end result is that truth is effectively manufactured. Income for most sites is directly related to hits so more eyeballs equals more income. The original story also becomes “true” because everyone just “knows it”. If you do a search on the net, the original version will almost always get higher rankings because of the reads, re-links, and the general echo chamber effect related to the number of views, a designed by Google, profit by Google-Ads system that cares very little about actual news. The irony here is that the actual truth is almost permanently buried unless you know about it and actively search for it. In reality this Catch-22 means the truth dies.

Most companies know this and not just use it, they actively exploit it in the most cynical ways they can. Microsoft has a long history of doing just this, see the Vista 67% example for one, and go look at how Windows 7 pre-sales orders were accounted for as well.

Does this sound reasonable? Everyone expected it to be up, but 234%? Then again, the original numbers are from an “independent’ research firm so even if it is later proven to be completely false, poor old Microsoft had no way of knowing that. If proven false publicly, this type of scenario is usually followed by a public scolding on the brutal level of, “Bad research firm, bad”, then a contract renewal including a hefty increase in fees for a job well done. That said, I am not implying NPD did anything wrong here, they are one of the good firms. Many of the others however never seem to disclose who funded a study anywhere for some reason. Odd isn’t it?

And so we come back to Windows 8. Sales blew and everyone knew it. Surface sales were even worse, abysmal is hardly a strong enough term. Remember how the Microsoft toadies spun the really amazing sounding but equally vague numbers their executives put out? Remember how few outlets questioned the figures until the degree of the farce they were participating in was undeniable? This wasn’t an accident, all the large sites know where the money comes from and as CBS/CNet proved, it is the only thing that counts anymore.

So how well did Surface sales do? The entire world was pretty sure the answer was awfully, but for some reason Microsoft just wouldn’t officially comment. Third party report after third party report came out, each worse than the last the farther we got from the Surface launch. Microsoft’s response? Paraphrased it was that sales were great, they weren’t expecting the thing to actually sell much anyway, it was all about setting a high quality bar or something. No really, that wasn’t a joke. And still the numbers didn’t come out officially until someone leaked the real numbers that were so low they shocked even Microsoft’s most cynical critics.

Unfortunately the manufacturing of the truth did it’s job and for weeks if not months, all the mainstream sites were effectively cynical Microsoft apologists. The truth only started to come out in the mainstream news organizations when it was once again undeniable. Suddenly they were filled with editorials that effectively said, “We knew it all along, we are so good” without a hint of mentioning that this new line was a 180 degree shift. Cynical isn’t a strong enough word to describe this behavior, but sadly I don’t know a better one.

If you think back to that time eons ago when this article started, it was ostensibly about a new PR campaign from Microsoft. It is, and all the above is relevant background too, it wasn’t just a needles rant. This new campaign is on the topic du jour, the failure of Windows 8. You might recall the original mating cry of the Northwestern Yellow-Bellied Microsoft Apologist was to wait until the numbers came out. We did. They were horrific.

Instead of admitting the undeniable reality around them, the mating call of the Apologist (presumably directed toward their beloved Great Tufted Moneyman) turned to one of excuses. “It’s the economy” they warbled, completely ignoring the fact that tablet sales with a similar or higher ASPs were booming during the same time period. That was usually accompanied by, “Just try it, it’s not that bad and you will like it”. Strangely enough, other than forum posts, no one SemiAccurate talks to actually likes it. This is a stand alone statement, that view is much more negative when compared against the competition like Apple, Android, or even Windows 7. Every excuse that was floated was trivially deflated.

In recent days however, there is a new excuse that his making the rounds in the usual ways, astroturfing. If you look at most of the Windows 8 is horrid threads, the majority of them have a lot of comments popping up at about the same time starting a day or two ago that have a different theme. That would be that it isn’t Windows 8 that is killing sales, Microsoft made a peachy OS but those darn PC makers haven’t made anything worth buying much less upgrading to in years. This new theme has all the hallmarks of a corporate damage control campaign with a lot of money behind it.

Those hallmarks are simple, it echos an early theme from the company, it came out of nowhere, it is everywhere in the comments at once, and most importantly, it has a high degree of plausible deniability. You might remember that when Microsoft announced Surface initially, OEMs were not in the loop and rebelledMicrosoft’s damage control was bumbling and widely mocked too.

They basically said that Surface wasn’t an attempt to compete with OEMs, instead it was an attempt to raise the bar. Those silly OEMs were putting out crap product after crap product not fit to carry the Microsoft logo, so jolly uncle Steve was going to show them how to do things right. That may not seem like it logically parses, but, um, it actually doesn’t. Either way OEMs dropped Microsoft and are running to Google in unprecedented numbers, they got the real message loud and clear. That said, Surface is an abject failure because, umm, well, Microsoft did it right. I guess that part does logically parse. In any case, the seeds that Microsoft was doing it right were planted among the general public.

Now six months later or so, they are being heavily watered by all the unseen hands that a corporate damage control team and hire. The theme that the PC is solely to blame was nowhere for the last two quarters and suddenly it is everywhere even though nothing changed. OK one big thing changed, irrefutable numbers from IDC and Gartner came out and were getting lots of play. The purported stink of death on Windows 8 had now reached the point of being undeniable so damage control had to be done lest the truth be allowed to survive.

There is one problem with this little theory that somehow absolves Microsoft while blaming their entire partner ecosystem and supply chain though, reality. The first of the most glaring problems is that PCs are in an era of unprecedented differentiation. You have the miserable Ultrabooks on one hand, and convertible, bending, docking, folding and downright contortionist products on the other. Both are too expensive, bring the user nothing they want, and still fail at the basic things consumers actually need. In other words they suck more than PCs of old, but you pay a huge premium for it.

The other problem is that when Windows 7 came out, like Vista before it and XP before that, PCs changed even less. The average PC at the launch of Windows 8 is hardly recognizable compared to that of the Windows 7 launch. Conversely the PCs of the Windows 7 launch era were hardly different from those at the Vista launch. Even the most basic look at the facts not only disproves that the “fact” that PCs are at fault, they almost definitively point to Windows 8 being the only reason for the failure.

If change in PCs was needed to spur sales, that didn’t happen during the launches of Vista and 7. Sales rose. It did happen during the launch of Windows 8 and sales plummeted. Before you point out that change may be the actual cause of this plunge, think about one other little thing. You can still get Vista/7 form factor PCs now, you just can’t get them with those OSes. See the logical problem?

Sadly though the damage control team, agency more likely, did their market research right. The whole fairy tale about PC makers being at fault seem to be getting some legs if not showing early signs of going viral. This is a really well thought out campaign given what they have to work with, cynical, unethical and anti-consumer though it is. Make no mistake though, it isn’t organic and is very manufactured. Things like this don’t go from nowhere to everywhere overnight without lots of backing and low wage forum drones to astroturf on your behalf. That said, it seems to be money well spent on Microsoft’s behalf.

Evidence that Windows 8 is actively destroying PC sales

Remember when I said Microsoft had failed? Remember how Microsoft didn’t put out numbers for sales of Surface for good cause? Remember how I said Windows 8 was destroying sales? Guess what just came out? More numbers.

Windows 8 is an unimaginably bad OS but you know that. How bad is it? According to no less than IDC’s VP of Clients and Displays it flat-out killed the market. No really, the exact quote is, “At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market“. How slow? A hair under 14% worldwide.

This shouldn’t shock anyone who knows me or my readers,we were told why Surface could not succeed, it has been detailed why Microsoft had failed not will fail, why OEMs are running for the hills in ways never before seen, and many many more.

Of course Microsoft’s paid press and apologists swarmed out and claimed everything from the numbers not being out to it being all about the economy. The first numbers came out a long time ago and they backed me and my infinite knowledge up. Since then things have gotten worse and Microsoft still won’t offer internal data to refute the now thoroughly backed up allegations, no points if you can guess why. The economy claims were shot down with ease though, tablets were booming and most cost significantly more than a laptop PC. Microsoft was smart enough to leave that brilliant logic to proxies though, the slower ones at that.

“Try it and you will like it” was often bandied about too. People tried it and the foresight of the EULA authors precludes those trialling it from getting their money back. No one likes it. As I, Rauel Crespo, repeatedly said, Microsoft is desperately trying to leverage their Windows desktop monopoly into the phone space. I said it would fail. It did. I said it would hurt their desktop business, sadly I underestimated the damage. I said PC partners were literally dumping Microsoft. Everyone thought I meant tablets and Windows RT. I didn’t. The walls they built to lock customers in are now far more effective at keeping them out and Microsoft is desperately but ineffectually flailing. Game over,told ya so.

As Always, I have Been and Always Will Be…Right.

Cresponia(or what ever you want to name it) is INSIDE you!!

Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events? Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results? Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little control over your own life? Do you fear that most of us are floating helplessly like plankton on the waves? Don’t you wish you had a magical power to change your life and the lives around you for the better? Well, the good news is that you do!

After reading this a few times, you’ll understand the natural forces that create our individual and collective realities. You’ll comprehend that we all have the same ability to use these forces for good or for evil. You’ll begin to see these forces at work everywhere. You’ll learn to control, focus, amplify and correctly use your personal power with ease. You’ll start to reap the rewards you’ve always sought: but never found. It won’t require your belief or faith, which come with practice. And, it doesn’t even require any real effort on your part, though faith and making physical steps toward your goals will help them to manifest faster. It’s as easy as daydreaming. Your understanding of this knowledge will make you begin to naturally and automatically think in new ways that will make your future as you’d like it to be. It’s really not hard at all. Wrap your mind firmly around this concept.

We each wield enormous power throughout each day of our lives. We control powerful forces of which most of us are totally unaware. Your power can create good or bad future events for yourself, for your friends and family and for all of humanity. Here’s the problem: We unwittingly create positive and negative, life-giving and even potentially fatal events in the future. Without knowledge of this power, using it is like playing Russian roulette with the engine of the universe. And, our individual realities and the realities of everyone we think about are direct results of our control, lack of control, use or abuse of our awesome individual powers. But, once we understand our power, we naturally tend to use it for our benefit and for the common good. So, seriously examine your power and learn to use it to help yourself and everyone you love to become the best originals you can be.

Your subconscious mind is in continuous contact with the subconscious minds of everyone else alive today and possibly with all minds on other planes at all times throughout the universe. The collective subconscious controls the omnipotent, omnipresent quantum field. It envelops everything, powers the atoms and manifests our holographic universe. And, your individual mind, while in the alpha level awareness (daydream state), is your personal control console for the collective subconscious. It’s your key to your personal power and what everyone must learn to control for posterity’s sake.

The collective subconscious does NOT understand “words” or language. It only understands your mental images. The mental images you consciously or unconsciously design (imagineer) onto your mental screen are totally understood by the collective subconscious. In other words, your daydreams largely dictate your reality. And, it interprets your daydreams as your desired future reality. It figures that you wouldn’t spend so much time daydreaming about it, unless you wanted it in your life. Your future is largely a reflection of the most recurrent images you’ve displayed on your mind’s screen and the images of you of those who know you. The more times you mentally image a thing, the greater its chances of materializing into your reality. Think of daydreams as votes for events to happen in your future. It’s the only true democracy. And, it’s perpetually happening inside your head all day long and throughout our universe. Our cruel and unlawful world rulers want you to be ignorant of this information, so they can enlist you in their multi-million man army who daydream their nightmare into existence for them. Understand the situation, but when you imagine their nightmarish plans, instantly delete the images, more on that later.

To use your power with any degree of control, your conscious mind must communicate with the collective subconscious (place your order) in its own language: in deliberate mental images. Words have no effect on reality, except to convey concepts which paint mental images in our minds. It’s our images, our imaginings that program reality. You must also learn how to edit out your negative daydreams. I’ll tell you how briefly.

Don’t confuse night dreams with daydreams. Night dreams are born from random splashes of unrelated images from your mind’s image storehouse upon your mental screen. You’re asleep. So, your subconscious mind is unchained from the false restrictions and limitations normally imposed on it by your conscious mind. While asleep, it’s free to recreate by fully exercising its enormous power to connect unrelated dream images into some sort of continuity or story. Meaning can’t be deciphered from night dreams, because images have different meanings to different people. Bad night dreams have no real power over you or your future, unless you assign power to them when you image (recall) them the following day, when you’re awake.

Your daydreams, on the other hand, are the programs or the code of the creation of your future. The things you imagine (lament, desire, grieve about, gripe about, hash over, resent, anticipate, hope for, hate, love, regret, etc.) most frequently are the things of which your future will be composed. Until you learn to manage these images, life will be a chaotic mess of good and bad events and repeats of past negative experiences.

Likewise, our collective daydreams ~ the images most common to the mind of mankind ~ program our collective future reality, locally and globally. The reason everything is chaotic is because we entertain a chaotic mix of good and bad daydreams, unaware that we are causing our chaotic personal and collective realities. No wonder everything is a mess. And, the banksters thrive on chaos.


The duration of an image you host on your mental screen isn’t very significant. Only the quantity matters. So, rather than make up a twenty minute movie with great detail that you must labor to recall, make up a two or three second scene that’s easy to remember. And, keep it simple. The less complicated your daydream is, the less difficult it is for the collective subconscious (or the quantum field) to orchestrate events to make it happen. Lots of my personal daydream programs are at night, to limit content and detail. If it’s simple, it can happen faster. And, consciously re-daydream, repeat your imagineered beneficial mental scenes as often as possible.

The collective subconscious (the quantum field) is an automaton ~ a machine with strict functions. It powers the electrons. It automatically assumes the mental images you entertain most frequently are the things you want in your future. The images held most frequently before your mind’s eye are absorbed by the collective subconscious, which then scores the collective will with your will (daydream), engineering future influences and pathways accordingly to, one day, enable your (intentionally or unintentionally) programmed scene to materialize into your future, unless it was against the collective will. Most of the time, collective will doesn’t weigh in much, because we imagine more personal things for which there is no collective opposition. The collective subconscious does not qualify your daydreams as good or bad. It only quantifies them. Negative or positive, it’ll manifest exactly what you (or we) program it to make, unless you lose the area’s vote. And, it requires no faith or belief. You can do it skeptically, which will just slow down the materialization.


To improve our lives, we must not only create positive daydreams, we must edit our negative daydreams as well. In their absence, there’s more space and time for your many shorter positive images which you willfully create for your benefit. This process reverses negative trends in our personal lives. And, it’s easy! The same process, done collectively, could reverse the negative local, national or global trends that we collectively, unwittingly create ~ and then sentence ourselves to endure and, hopefully, survive. (Mankind needs a single positive image of our collective future to counter the evil world leaders’ nightmarish plan, that they’ve duped Us into daydreaming for them!)

Before you begin to fully exercise this power for your benefit, you must first learn how to negate and prevent negative images from recurring on your mental screen. Editing your daydreams is simple. It’s best to delete negative images as they occur on your mind’s screen. This prevents them from coming back to mind and from negatively influencing your future and/or Our collective future. This exercise cancels your request to the collective subconscious to manufacture the negative events of the bad image you just canceled. To successfully delete a negative daydream, once again, you must do so in the collective subconscious’ own language.

When you catch yourself daydreaming a negative image, first freeze it on your mind’s screen. Then with your imaginary paintbrush, draw a sloppy black circle around it. Next, draw a nasty black X through the circle (the international symbol for danger or other negative identification). Lastly, imagine tossing the whole picture spinning upwards out of your mind, away from the planet like a frisbee.

Now, you’ve told the collective subconscious in its own language to delete the bad image and negate any negative influence it may have had on your future and also to never again entertain that image or images like it. A recurring negative image that has frequented your mind many times may require you to repeat this technique several times. Remember, you are the gatekeeper of your mind. You can choose what to imagine and what not to imagine.

At some point you’ll find yourself alarmed that you can’t remember the negative image you just deleted, seconds ago. You’ll feverishly try to remember it until you do. Then you’ll have to, again, circle it, X it and toss it up and out of your mind. You’ll soon learn to ignore his “bad dream amnesia,” settling for the happy knowledge that you cleaned house. And, if you can’t freeze an image or easily recall it, don’t worry. Just Circle and X the blank space after the negative image leaves your mental screen, then toss that upwards out of your mind. It’s almost as effective. And your ability to freeze images will improve with practice. Also, you may remember having entertained a negative image without cancelling it out in the past. As you recall the image, circle and X it.

Your past:

Many negative thoughts are memories of bad events and circumstances from your past. Think of them as unwanted baggage. They anchor you, slowing or preventing your forward progress. By frequently recalling negative images from your past, you’re blocking positive images with a log jamb of past negative images. Also, the source power sees your repeated mental images of your past as your order for your future, making your tomorrows resemble your yesterdays condemned to repeat mistakes of the past.

Each time they recur, freeze them, circle them, X them and toss them up and out. This cuts the strings from negative experiences. Once you’ve learned the lessons from the past, you need not remember the bad events. So, toss them out and go on with your life. You can also visualize your most traumatic past negative events as enormous weights or baggage chained to your ankles. Then just mentally cut the chains and shackles away. Feel yourself accelerate away from the weight of the bad baggage. Begrudge the huge pile of the worst times of your life as it disappears behind you down a mental road into your past, where it belongs. Learn the lessons as quickly as you can. Then slash the ties and move on. Now you have more free mental time and space for positively imagineering your better future.

Become grudgeless to limit negative images from the past. Forgive all your past enemies and adversaries. Love them, but pity them. They, like you, are only the result of their genetic origin, their experience and their reactions (choices) to their experience. Like most of Us, they’re only using their limited conscious resources to try to get along as best they can in this weary old race. If they had the knowledge of all the secrets in the universe, they wouldn’t have wronged you. So, realize their humanity, totally forgive them and lovingly delete your negative images of them from your mind. This frees up lots of future mental time during which you may entertain new positive images, custom imagineered by you. And, it frees up your old enemies to evolve.

Your present:

Negative thoughts of “where you are now” endorse your entrapment. Edit them and negate them. Then replace them with images of “where you will be,” enabling you to aspire to that new place to be “who you are becoming.” You can image with your eyes open or closed. Mainly, attempt at the most vivid image you can muster. You don’t have to continue to be “what you have been.” It’s your choice. Today really is the first day of the rest of your life, because just now you’re learning the knowledge to set you free. You’re a work in progress. Live in the now. More fully experience and appreciate the present as you willfully, mentally create your better future. You can’t change the past. But, you can file it away to prevent it from becoming the pattern for your future. To make room for a great future you must release your old past, learn its lessons, make the best choices you can in the present while imagining your future, as you like, relentlessly.

When you begin to get over your past, you begin to become more fully aware of the present, enabling you to more often stop to smell the roses. Remember that complaining about something you hate makes emotionally powerful mental images of that thing you hate, images sent to the collective subconscious on an order form with the signature of your soul. This, of course, only creates more of what you hate in your future. Observation is manifestation. So, as best you can, ignore everything around you that you don’t like. (You quickly get better at all of this with practice.) You’ll see that, as you ignore the bad, it dissipates and fades into the background. Griping about it is like picking a sore so it never heals or, worse, gets infected. By praising and being grateful for the good things you have, you’re imagineering more like them in your future. So, count all your blessings, often, no matter how small. And, take the time to feel and express gratitude and appreciation for others’ blessings, too. This spreads the good programming by making them see the good in them or good they’ve accomplished and appreciate it. It forms a good bond between you, too.

Be in the moment. Finish a task before starting another. Prevent stress by tripling the amount of time you estimate it will take you to fulfill obligations. Recall only memories that make you feel good. Never imagine yourself as a victim or a loser or host any negative mental self-images without instantly taking a few seconds to delete them. Install an imaginary alarm in your mind that sounds off when a negative image occupies your mental screen, automatically triggering the paint brush. As you edit negative images you’ll experience an ever-increasing sense of freedom from them. And, freedom is power. If you want to feel better, eliminate your negative mental images.

As you put this knowledge into practice, you’ll begin to mentally dwell on more positive things, which makes them materialize. If you don’t like a thought, negate it, then dwell on something better. You can choose what to think. What you see with your mind’s eye is what you get. So, if what you see is what you get, see better! Edit your daydreams all day long every day. Get in the habit. Look for the good around you and the good in others and in the environment and appreciate all of it. Forgive yourself and then you can more fully love yourself, so others can forgive you and love you, too. The universe is infinitely abundant. It can supply everything that everyone needs and wants. So, know that you have the right to have everything you need and want. You have the right to be happy. Release the old to make space for the new. Focus more and more on what you desire and less and less on any negative current realities or past calamities.

Realize that mediocrity always attacks excellence. Reverse the polarity of others’ jealousy by praising their accomplishments and those of everyone around you. Then you’ll also be more eligible for accomplishment and for praise for your achievements. And, forgive the jealousy of others, imagining them to be praiseful, instead. Refuse to believe the bad in others. Mentally replace it with good, thereby helping them to become better. This isn’t a mystical ceremony. It happens all day long in your mind. You’re just not applying any discipline to it now. Now you know how to self-discipline your imagination.

When a crisis happens, ask what lesson it’s trying to teach you. Then learn that lesson to end that crisis.

Mentally project love to yourself and to all those around you. (Try this in a traffic jamb and witness people stop competing) Provide value and service to the world to receive value and service for your self. Be the change you want to see in the world. Don’t forget to daily affirm your love for yourself and your forgiveness for your imperfections, human frailties and mistakes, to release yourself from your past to speed up the manifestation of your future. Develop the attitude of always striving to be a better you. Don’t compete against others. This can only make you becoming a poor copy of what you perceive others to be. That’s pitiful telemetry. Only compete against your own record of achievement. This makes you become a better original you. The banksters (Khazarian Zionists, the “zi” in Nazi, illuminati monsters, our only declared enemy, the world’s leaders) thrive on our chaos, pain, suffering and death. They perpetuate it and perfect their plan by keeping us ignorant of this knowledge and using our power (us) against us.

Mental Imaging Tutorial

Create your mental images (programs) of your future desired events from the perspective of being in the event at that future time, looking out of your own eyes at it unfolding before you. If you’re having trouble imaging something, think back to a time when you looked out a window into a cold world and lost yourself in a daydream about a warm paradise. Then put yourself in that state and imagineer your daydream. No trance state is necessary, no ceremony. It’s simply daydreaming while you drive or walk or do any boring activity. Also, don’t be too specific when composing the daydream. The more details you add to your daydream, the more strings must be pulled throughout your world in order to manifest your daydream into reality. Make your visual order easy for the quantum field to fulfill. Make your daydream orders short and memorable so they’re easy to replicate, just a few seconds long. And, then repeat them as often as you can until they’ve manifested.

But, be careful what you imagine, because, if you imagine it often enough, you will get it. And, you may not like it when it happens, because your daydream reality may be complicated with unforeseen negative consequences. This is why it’s best to imagine an unavoidable result or effect of the reality you want, a result that would necessarily have to have happened to enable the reality, rather than imaging the specific event. This gives the collective subconscious more avenues through which it can accomplish the event, hence accomplishing your reality sooner. And, it may even engineer a better event than you’d planned with your limited conscious mind.

An example of this would be a strategy to have a more enjoyable and profitable occupation. You may think that you’d enjoy being a jeweler (for example). So, you program that reality relentlessly. Mysteriously, you somehow enter that profession and then realize you hate it. Here’s the problem. You don’t know what every occupation on Earth entails. You are your own worst critic. You (consciously) know yourself least of all. You don’t know what undiscovered talents or phobias you have. And, you don’t know if the people you’ll work with are compatible. So, consciously, it would be almost impossible for you to determine the best possible job for you. Your subconscious has access to all knowledge. So, don’t program being in a specific job. Instead, image the effects of having a job you love.

One way you might do this would be to imagine your alarm clock waking an extremely excited and happy you to the opportunity of the day. Imagine yourself gracing the alarm clock with a soft stroke to turn it off, rather than knocking it off the nightstand onto the floor into pieces, as can happen when you hate your job. Imagine you bounding out of bed, fully rested, happy, energetic and eager to get to work. This enables the omnipresent collective subconscious to engineer you into the occupation most likely to make you happy, the job that’s best suited to you and all your natural abilities, limitations, penchants, needs, likes, dislikes, quirks, preferences and talents. And, it well may be an occupation you’ve never even considered.

Imagine you driving, shading your eyes from the glare off the new paint, smelling the new car smell, with a huge grin on your face, imagine it relentlessly. You’ll probably have to have a pretty great job or come into some money for that reality to occur.

Here are three other examples of imagineering the “effect” of a future event you desire, rather than the actual event:

To manifest someone to love, don’t imagine you coupled up with a specific person, as that person may be totally wrong for you, leading to unhappiness or worse. Don’t waste time. It’s too precious and too limited. What you want is some-one who’ll make you feel elated, whose company you’ll thoroughly enjoy ~ some-one who shares your feelings, likes, dislikes and some-one you don’t mind showing off in public. Make creating the reality easy for the collective subconscious by limiting the ingredients of the daydream. Imagine you’re walking slowly in a public place with your arm around someone, laughter and voices with tinkling of dinnerware, your head is raised, eyes closed, mouth open, laughing hilariously at some-one’s quick wit, a tear streaks down your face as you experience the love, relief and gratitude of knowing that the some-one you’re holding is the most compatible partner you’ve ever had. The daydream didn’t even have an image of this unfound lover. It takes two or three seconds and leaves all the decisions to the collective subconscious. You don’t care who it is, only that he or she makes you feel this way.

Or, to imagine an influx of much needed money, imagine yourself happily skipping up the steps of your bank, stress-free, or simply patting your pocket with pride, excited to deposit the wad of money into your account or to cash the check or pay the bill, exhilarated with joy over your new found prosperity. It’s just an image of you looking out of your own eyes down at your feet negotiating some steps or a walkway with a lot of joyous emotion connected to your image of the experience. It takes seconds.

To give yourself temporary immortality, while simultaneously preventing the loss of any of your limbs during your long life, from time to time imagine you sitting in a porch swing looking down with your own eyes at your own aged, frail, wrinkled, liver-spotted hands resting clasped in your own lap. Feel the warm sun shining on you as you look out on the beautiful landscape in your visual field.. Feel your hands against your thighs as you push with the tips of both shoes to make the porch swing gently sway back and forth. And, experience the satisfaction of having had a full and rewarding life. Do this fairly frequently and it will make you immortal until that day arrives and make your life rewarding. With this technique, I’ve survived many circumstances which should have killed me, some in third world countries.

You must repeat these images often to ensure their realization. And, those who do not imagine their futures (or for whom no one else imagines a future) may have no future at all. They are eligible to become the statistics, to die of the many horrors we all shamefully imagine will kill however many people in our area in any given time frame. So, to protect those you love, also repeatedly imagine them in a distant time, happy and healthy. And, imagine the cessation of deaths from all those causes in your area.

How we affect each other’s lives:

The images we have of others also affect their lives as much, or even more than their own images of themselves and their futures. As stated above, the collective subconscious is democratically controlled. People who know you can unwittingly keep you trapped in your past, continuously being who you have been, even if you use this information to its fullest extent. As stated above, the collective subconscious (the primary source of everything) doesn’t qualify our images. It only quantifies them. And, everyone’s images count equally toward what becomes real in the future. So, if you have many friends who continuously think about you, imagining pictures of who you were the last time they saw you, you can relentlessly dream of yourself as who you intend to become to no avail.

In some mystic disciplines a seeker is instructed to escape his or her personal history in order to escape the social imagery that would conflict with the seeker’s new path. A stranger in a strange land can pretend to be anyone. And, those who the stranger meets only have the stranger’s word for who he or she is. So, they imagine the stranger to be who he purports to be, aiding the stranger’s transition into becoming who he would be.

If, however, you can’t escape your personal history, you can do the next best thing. Fake it until you make it. Tell everyone you know exactly who you are becoming. Describe the person you’re becoming to them. Tell them to expect you to become that other person very soon. Then, constantly image yourself as having changed into that new person. As your friends see you making little changes in that direction, they start imagining, “What if he does become this new person?” with the mental images to go along with that speculation. Say things that make them imagine you to be that person. Continue repeating your short visual skits of who you intend to become or the reality you intend to manifest. And, enact every change that you imagine yourself capable of enacting as quickly as possible. Make sure that all who know you see your changes in progress.

Keep grinning until you’re winning. When you maintain a sly grin on your face, folks around you imagine all sorts of good things that may be happening to you to make you grin so much. Happiness attracts success, mainly because most successful people are generally miserable. So, when you appear to be happy continuously, regardless of your circumstances, eventually you’ll have the success or ample reason to be as happy as you pretended to be.

Your future feels very familiar:

Each time your self-programmed future events manifest into your reality (happen), the collective subconscious notifies you of this event by inducing the dejavu feeling upon you. It’s not saying, “You’ve been here before.” It’s saying, “Remember this program? Your order is now being served.” But, this feeling of familiarity can sometimes come over you when your surroundings are nothing like the daydream program you’ve been repeating in your mind. That’s because it’s not the actual event, but indication of a doorway leading to the event, perhaps telling you which fork in the road to take. So, whenever you’re in an unfamiliar situation, but you’re feeling dejavu, pay careful attention to everything around you to see if you can feel which doorway or which path to take. But, generally the dejavu feeling happens when you’re in the actual event you’ve been programming. And, the more times you’ve daydreamed the image, the stronger the dejavu feeling will be when it happens.

Mankind’s Future:

Our collective daydreams define our collective future. Unfortunately, currently, there is only one main collective daydream of our future: the horrible nightmare created by the psychotic illegal rulers, the illegal owners of our Earth and Us. They hate us and really do think of us as rats. That’s why they add sodium fluoride (rat poison) and other poisons to our water supplies and make us pay extortionists’ rates for it perpetually. But, they know the secrets of creation. Their horrible daydream is currently winning, only because they have manipulated us into helping them. We must stop helping them by doing their evil work for them by daydreaming their nightmare. Circle, X and toss it up and out.

Of the positive daydreams opposing their nightmarish plan, unfortunately for us, there are as many of them as there are souls to daydream them. We need a single collective image of our beneficial, ecologically conscientious, just and prosperous future that most of us can accept. But, to achieve that we must reverse our competitive paradigm into one of global cooperation and start real democracy to scientifically define our true will ~ to collectively design a future global daydream that will be universally accepted. And, then we must dream it more often than we dreamed their nightmare.

Democracy is the ultimate social expression of cooperation, governance designed to relentlessly and perpetually define and fulfill the true will of the People. It’s impossible to accomplish in a competitive paradigm which they promote on every front. Further, they’ve vilified the word, “democracy” (unless it comes from their mouths) by calling their demockery democracy. There’s never been a true democracy. In their rat race, matrix of lies, only they are cooperating with each other holding strong images of the future they want, while we compete to become the “winners” of our personal tickets into their inhumane nightmare. Now, they have us divided and conquered. Don’t help them by daydreaming their nightmare for them. Circle and X it and toss it up and out.

Our collective will has never been expressed (possibly until Tunisia and Egypt). It’s always been repressed, controlled, manipulated and misrepresented. Here’s the truth they hide most: The first time we define our true collective will about anything for all to know, it will quickly start becoming our reality. This is the knowledge they most fear being released to the public.

We need for most people to become aware of these principles. We must start a movement toward a consolidated vision of our beneficial future. We must hold this image in the mind of mankind more frequently than any opposing vision. And, we must do all this very quickly ~ if we are to win the banksters’ War on the Mind of Mankind.

If you are a moviemaker or you know one, please, see that this un-copyrighted knowledge is made into an award winning popular YouTube movie in all languages and shown to all Humanity, so that we can ensure both survival and prosperity for Posterity.

Sweet Daydreams! Edit them carefully. Now, you know there is something you can do about anything you dislike. Never again, can you say, What can I do about it?”