Conservatives Call On Mitch McConnell To Resign

Conservatives are fed up.

A slew of prominent conservatives, from Tea Party Patriots to Freedom Works to the Senate Conservatives Fund are calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — along with top Senate GOP leadership — to resign over their inability to get anything done.

“It’s time for new leadership,” FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon said in a statement. “Mitch McConnell has been a failure in the Senate and has cost Republicans almost a year of victories. He has demonstrated that he either does not understand the frustration coming from conservatives and the urgency of passing key legislation – or he does not care.”

In a lengthy letter signed by Brandon, Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, David Bozell, president of For America, the leaders outline their complaints.

2017 has been a disappointing year for the millions of Americans who fully expected, and had every right to expect real change in Washington. Republicans were given full control of the federal government. They – you – have done nothing. Worse, it is painfully clear that you intend to do nothing because, as is most apparent, you had no intention of honoring your solemn commitments to the American people. You were not going to “drain the swamp.”

You are the swamp. You and the rest of your leadership team were given the majority because you pledged to stop the steady flow of illegal immigration. You have done nothing. You pledged to reduce the size of this oppressive federal government. You have done nothing. You pledged to reduce, and ultimately eliminate the out-of-control deficit spending that is bankrupting America. You have done nothing.

You promised to repeal Obamacare, “root and branch.” You have done nothing. You promised tax reform. You have done nothing.

You don’t even show up for work.

Read the whole letter here.

The leaders are particularly miffed about the failure to replace Obamacare.

President Trump reasonably asked when he arrived in the White House “Where is the bill?” After seven long years, you didn’t have a bill ready to go. You scheduled no committee hearings when you knew some in your caucus would not tolerate a bill without hearings. You had no plan at all.

America has not forgotten that Obamacare does not apply to you. You and your leadership team saw to that, even when far more ethical members of Congress tried to change that slippery exemption. That is not “leadership.” That’s cronyism, and precisely why the American people want the swamp drained.

Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, said in a statement posted on

Perhaps if Congress were not benefiting from its illegal special exemption from ObamaCare, if members of the House and Senate and their staffs were actually living under the law the way it was written, paying the full price and bearing the same burdens that the rest of us have to live with, they’d understand just how painful ObamaCare really is, and they’d have a personal stake in repealing it.

But as long as Mitch McConnell is Majority Leader of the United States Senate, that illegal special exemption for Congress is going to stay in place.

All these failures have one thing in common – they represent a FAILURE of LEADERSHIP.

Mitch McConnell has had his chance. He has failed to deliver. It is TIME FOR HIM TO GO.

Ouch. So much yelling!

From: Daily Wire

Cry Baby Hypocrite: Jimmy Kimmel’s Sexual Misconduct Has Just Emerged

Jimmy Kimmel is all about justice and anti-Trump jokes. We’ve seen him on TV and let’s just say that we can’t stand his bragging. The comedian thinks he’s funny with all the jokes he makes about President Trump. Making jokes is fine until you cross the red line. Kimmel has just crossed it.

Kimmel seems to be trying to do the right thing. But, why didn’t he say anything about his sexual misconduct in the past. 

There’s a video of Kimmel, and it is everything you need to see at the moment. In this video, Kimmel asks multiple women to play a little game and touch his genitals. Can you believe this? Yes, that’s the very same Kimmel who wants you to believe that he is the good guy.

“Here he has women feel his crotch to guess what he stuffed in his pants. KIMMEL: “You should put your mouth on it,” the description reads. Wow, we never thought that Kimmel would do anything like this.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>More gems from <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#Kimmel</a>. <br>Here he has women feel his crotch to guess what he stuffed in his pants. <br>KIMMEL: &quot;You should put your mouth on it&quot; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Austen Fletcher (@fleccas) <a href=””>October 11, 2017</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>


We all know that Kimmel doesn’t like President Trump? He has already made a few disturbing jokes about him,

“At this point, I’m not sure Donald Trump could finish the maze on the backs of a Denny’s kids’ menu. I’d pay $100 to watch Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump take IQ tests against each other,” the comedian said. Yes, he went this far.


Maybe Kimmel will stop doing this after he watches this video of him. He should no longer make comments on President Trump. He should better focus on his reputation. This video says it all, and maybe he will reconsider his moves from the past. Who knows…

From: State Fort

It’s Not Just Weinstein — Entertainment Industry is a “Rape Culture”

It’s not just Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein is accused of using his powerful position in Hollywood to serially abuse women, particularly models and actresses.  At least 20 women have now accused Weinstein, who is a major Demoratic donor and fundraiser, of sexually harassing them. The New Yorker published a bombshell report containing graphic details of Weinstein’s abuse of several women, three of whom accused him of raping them.

That Weinstein was sexually abusive is said to have been an open secret among Hollywood elites.

But Weinstein is far from alone. The entertainment industry is filled with men accused of sex abuse.

Rapper R. Kelly was accused in July of running an abusive sex cult out of his home. Kelly allegedly made teenage girls sign nondisclosure agreements, before forcing them to be his personal sex slaves.

Legendary film director Woody Allen is still writing and directing star-studded films despite his own sex abuse scandal.

Allen was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter when she was as young as seven years old. Allen’s son, Ronan Farrow — who broke the bombshell New Yorker report on Weinstein — wrote a column last year describing the media’s complicity in keeping his father’s alleged abuses out of the public eye. Allen is still welcome among Hollywood elites: his upcoming movie “Wonder Wheel” will star Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake.

Director and producer Roman Polanski was accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He later pled guilty to the lesser charge of statutory rape but avoided prison by fleeing the country to Poland, where he has successfully fought efforts to extradite him to the United States. Four different women have now accused Polanski of sexually abusing them as teens.

Polanski’s sexual abuse scandals haven’t kept him from popularity among Hollywood elite.

An audience full of movie stars, including actress Meryl Streep, gave Polanski a standing ovation at the 2003 Academy Awards.

Polanski continues producing films today.

“The truth is that Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with what he did for so long because Hollywood, led by two-faced Ms Streep, doesn’t really give a damn about powerful men abusing young women,” Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan wrote on Wednesday. “That’s why they cheer Polanski and still finance and star in his movies.”

Mark Salling, the former star of “Glee,” pled guilty to child porn charges earlier this month. Salling is expected to serve between four and seven years in prison. He was previously accused of rape, although police never brought charges. (RELATED: Investigate Hollywood, Mr. President)

Actor Corey Feldman has said that he and another actor, Corey Haim, were repeatedly sexually abused as child actors by men in the movie industry. Pedophilia, Feldman said, is more prominent in Hollywood than the public realizes.

Feldman said he “would love to name names” but fears getting sued if he does. At least one of his accusers, he said in 2016, is “still prominently in the business today.”

Director Victor Salva pled guilty to five felony accounts related to his abuse of a 12-year-old child actor. Salva served three years in prison but remains active today. Earlier this month, The Daily Beast described Salva as “The Pedophile Director Embraced by Hollywood.”

Actor John Travolta has faced a string of sexual abuse claims. Documents published by Gawker in 2013 revealed that Travolta’s insurer paid out $84,000 the previous year in regard to sexual assault claims against Travolta. At least seven different men have accused Travolta of sexually abusing them.

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has said the Department of Justice should investigate Hollywood’s culture of “systematic sexual abuse.”

From: Daily Caller

NRA Opposes New Bump Fire Stock Ban Bill

Bill’s language may reach far beyond bump fire stocks


The National Rifle Association announced on Wednesday its opposition to a new bill that would ban any firearm part that effectively increases the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle.

“We are opposed to the Feinstein and Curbelo legislation,” Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, told the Washington Free Beacon.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R., Fla.) and cosponsored by 10 representatives from each party, is intended to be a response to the Las Vegas shooting, where a number of the rifles found at the scene were equipped with bump fire stocks. The text of the bill goes beyond banning bump fire stocks, however. Instead, in addition to banning bump fire stocks and requiring their surrendering or confiscation, it bans and requires the surrendering or confiscation of any part that increases how quickly a semi-automatic rifle can be fired.

“It shall be unlawful for any person—in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, to manufacture, possess, or transfer any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun,” the bill reads, “or to manufacture, possess, or transfer any such part or combination of parts that have been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.’”

The language of the bill may ban the manufacture, sale, or possession of aftermarket triggers, bolts, or other components that have any effect on increasing a rifle’s rate of fire. The ban would go into effect 90 days after the enactment of the bill into law.

“For the first time in decades, there is growing bipartisan consensus for sensible gun policy, a polarizing issue that has deeply divided Republicans and Democrats,” Curbelo said in a statement. “This common-sense legislation will ban devices that blatantly circumvent already existing law without restricting Second Amendment rights.”

Curbelo’s colleague, Rep. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.), said Congress could do more on the issue, but the bill represents a “crucial starting point.”

“I am proud to be leading on the only bipartisan effort to take action in the wake of this tragedy,” Rep. Moulton said in a statement. “We can always be doing more, but this bill is a crucial starting point. Congress needs to take a serious look, after every crisis, at whether a law consistent with the Second Amendment would have prevented it. It is time for Democrats and Republicans alike to find the courage to act.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), who has introduced bills with similar wording in previous years, said calls from the NRA and others for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to reexamine the legality of bump fire stocks were not enough.

“The ATF lacks authority under the law to ban bump fire stocks,” Feinstein said. “Period. The agency made this crystal clear in a 2013 letter to Congress, writing that ‘stocks of this type are not subject to the provisions of federal firearms statutes.’ Legislation is the only answer and Congress shouldn’t attempt to pass the buck.”

The ATF has explained its classification process for firearms and firearms accessories but has not yet said whether they will review their decision on bump fire stocks.

From: Washington Free Beacon

U.S. Prosecutor To Investigate Puerto Rican Officials Accused Of Stopping Aid From Reaching People

U.S. federal prosecutor in Puerto Rico Rosa Emilia Rodriguez announced Sunday her investigation into government officials who allegedly did not deliver hurricane relief aid to the island’s residents.

During an interview on WAPA Radio, Rodriguez criticized two officials who failed to deliver needed supplies to their constituents, Metro PR reported.

“This morning we received information from a town on the Island where a person close to the municipal administration was asking one of our federal agents that the supplies that were there could not be touched because they were for his mayor,” said Rodríguez, noting that the case is currently under investigation.

She added she also learned from another source on the island that an official was hoarding supplies for residents “who had voted for that person.”

The announcement of the investigation happened at the request of Gov. Ricard Rosello, when he became aware of numerous reports that FEMA supplies to some mayors were not reaching Puerto Rican residents.

As of this past weekend, the U.S. military has officially taken over the distribution of all FEMA aid in Puerto Rico.

“This is not the time to do politics … this is the time to help and to be kind to others. This is a tragedy and nobody should take advantage of the aid,” said Rodriguez.

When asked which towns the officials in question represent, Rodriguez responded, “The first is from the  north and the other is from the central region; and another is the metropolitan area. I can’t mention who these people are, because it could affect the investigation.”

From: Daily Caller

By Kerry Picket

The FCC Should Regulate Facebook Like AIM

Sixteen years ago, the government stopped AOL from building a closed system where everyone had to use AIM, meaning it had to adopt interoperability. The decision provides a blueprint for how the government could similarly regulate today’s gigantic internet platforms: many see Facebook — with its over 2 billion monthly users — as having egregious control over our relationships on the internet. If Facebook were forced to make room for other services on its platform in the same way AOL made room for other chat apps, new services could emerge.


Trying to build a competitor to Facebook in 2017 is “just insane, it doesn’t make any sense,” said Stoller, who is writing book on the history of monopoly power in the twentieth century. “It would be like starting a competitor to your local water company.” The FCC’s decision freed other companies to build new, better instant-messaging apps without AOL standing in their way. And frankly, AIM wasn’t able to keep up with them. If Facebook were to actually compete in the market, it might die too. And in its place, something better, or at least different, could emerge.

EZVIZ Mini-O Review

Score: 9/10

Price Range: $39.99-$59.99

I’ve had the EZVIZ Mini-Plus HD 1080p for a while and already had the app on my phone, so set up was really easy once I had it connected to my network. There are 2 methods to connect it. Both are basically automatic and it feels like you have to have the moon and 3 planets aligned just right in order to connect the camera to your network. I had to reset the camera 3 times, and re-run the configuration app countless times to eventually get it to connect. But once it connected the experience was wonderful.

The video quality is amazing and the wall mount options (wall-tape on plate, or screws) are appreciated. I like that when using the camera I can have a two-way conversation with whomever is in the vicinity. Sound is a bit distant on the phone when I hear people, and sound quality from the camera is about as good as an AM Radio. That may not sound good, but when you consider the price, and the overall quality of the device and video quality, that “cherry on top” doesn’t take away from how much I like this camera.

Keep in mind, this is an indoor camera only, it would get destroyed outside. I can see this used as a baby-monitor (especially this pink one that EZVIZ sent me) as the two way audio is more thank functional.

It’s MSRP is about $60, but I’ve seen it on sale as low as $40. At either price, it’s a solid camera.

Purchase Links:



Steven Paddock’s brother caught in a lie

There’s a glaring inconsistency in his story.

He talks about AR’s and bump stocks in the second interview video, yet in his first interview he clearly said his brother didn’t own any AR’s, that he helped him move from one house to another and there was nothing like that.

So how does it go from “My brother doesn’t own assault rifles and isn’t that into guns” to him knowing about the bump stocks his brother had, and being knowledgeable about rifles himself in general!?!

PROOF: First interview:

at 4:18

“No, not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kinds of weapons is just…. where the hell did he get automatic weapons”

And in the second interview video:

at 29:57 “Steve bought those bump stock things, were they attached to guns when they found them?”

“He may have had them in the bag because he tried them and didn’t like them”

“Have any of you ever fired an automatic weapon, it’s not fun”.

So CLEARLY he knew his brother owned assault rifles, and wanted to make them automatic!!! He knew his brother tried the bump stocks and didn’t like them. On top of that, he also clearly has been shooting automatic rifles to know himself that they are “not fun”.

When the reporter asks him if his brother had a military background at 1:50 in the first interview video, he gets a little strange in his movements, looks down, then says quickly in a stutter “I d-d-don’t want to talk much more”. I don’t think this means he has a military background, but it does mean something related to that word triggered him….like I don’t know…..arms dealing, or some other shady stuff.

He also says in the second interview:

“The FBI doesn’t talk to me because they think I’m lying”

Why would he have reason to think the FBI thinks he’s lying? Unless he’s hiding something. The brother knows more than he’s letting on!! They need to put the pressure on and crack him like a walnut!

New Curiosity regarding the Las Vegas Shooter

So, after some more research, I found information about a plane that the shooter had. 

Here is the registration information for the aircraft, archived in case it gets pulled.

Archived Site: Plane Registration

Original Site: Plane Registration

The corporate mainstream media narrative fell to pieces when they had the Sheriff jump up there 2 hours after the shooting and basically say they had everything wrapped up. It’s just been a lazy cover up the whole time. Now they show us this perfectly staged photo of the room. I mean it looks like a Hollywood set designer threw it together. Then the giant broken Windows for the media to focus on. It’s nonsense.

If you’re wondering who Volant is, they work for the US Intelligence community as well as the department of defense. 

It was registered for medical transport from him. And someone else after that before it reached Volant. Over the course of 5 years. They don’t need to play the game that long to transfer aircraft if they wanted an aircraft from him. The used small aircraft market isn’t that big. The person before Volant is either a Goldman Sachs invester or Ariel investor. Very wealthy people.

More info found regarding this.

BREAKING: Users on /pol/ have discovered flight records and a plane that belonged to the Las Vegas Shooter. It is connected to an intelligence contractor who’s owner previously worked for the Obama administration.



Judge Recommends ISP and Search Engine Blocking of Sci-Hub in the US

A judge over in Virginia has recommended a broad order to block access to Sci-Hub. The site operates as a “Pirate Bay of Science” giving users access to over 62 million academic papers and articles for download. Due to not being present in legal hearings for its charge of copyright and trademark infringement by the American Chemical Society, the judge’s injunction would award ACS with $4,800,000 in statutory damages including the blockage.

Article Image

If the U.S. District Court Judge adopts this recommendation, it would mean that Internet providers such as Comcast could be ordered to block users from accessing Sci-Hub. That’s a big deal since pirate site blockades are not common in the United States.