Ajit Pai and the FCC Want It to Be Legal for Comcast to Block BitTorrent

Pai thinks it was a mistake for the FCC to try and stop Comcast from blocking BitTorrent in 2008. He thinks all of the regulatory actions the FCC took after that to give itself the authority to prevent blocking were wrong and wants to go back to the legal framework that allowed Comcast to block BitTorrent.

The 2008 Comcast-BitTorrent Order allowed the Commission to directly enforce federal internet policy when the telcos significantly impeded consumers’ ability to access content and use the applications of their choice. Because the FCC couldn’t stop Comcast from blocking BitTorrent in 2008, it changed the rules so it would have that power. Pai wants to undo that change and give Comcast the power to block internet services like BitTorrent once again.

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