Android at 10: How Google Won the Smartphone Wars

I know you’re looking at the headline and thinking I’m trying to start a fanboy war, but I’m not. Andrew Orlowski, over at the Register, came up with the headline and his own opinion on why Google has won the smartphone war. You have to admit Android has come a long way in the last 10 years and it is certainly the OS of choice for almost all smartphones not called iPhone. However, is it the best OS for smartphones? I think that one is up for debate. Go for it!


It’s just that Google was in the game, at a time when others didn’t realise what the game was. Or did, and couldn’t turn the ship around fast enough. Android succeeded because it was just about good enough, and its parent was prepared to cross subsidise it hugely. Android wasn’t brilliant, but it was better than Bada, and uglier than WebOS.

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