EZVIZ Mini-O Review

Score: 9/10

Price Range: $39.99-$59.99

I’ve had the EZVIZ Mini-Plus HD 1080p for a while and already had the app on my phone, so set up was really easy once I had it connected to my network. There are 2 methods to connect it. Both are basically automatic and it feels like you have to have the moon and 3 planets aligned just right in order to connect the camera to your network. I had to reset the camera 3 times, and re-run the configuration app countless times to eventually get it to connect. But once it connected the experience was wonderful.

The video quality is amazing and the wall mount options (wall-tape on plate, or screws) are appreciated. I like that when using the camera I can have a two-way conversation with whomever is in the vicinity. Sound is a bit distant on the phone when I hear people, and sound quality from the camera is about as good as an AM Radio. That may not sound good, but when you consider the price, and the overall quality of the device and video quality, that “cherry on top” doesn’t take away from how much I like this camera.

Keep in mind, this is an indoor camera only, it would get destroyed outside. I can see this used as a baby-monitor (especially this pink one that EZVIZ sent me) as the two way audio is more thank functional.

It’s MSRP is about $60, but I’ve seen it on sale as low as $40. At either price, it’s a solid camera.

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