General Flynn did not lie to the Special Counsel Investigators.

General Flynn didn’t lie to the Special Counsel investigators, which hadn’t been established until the end of May 2017, he lied to an FBI agent in January. So why did General Flynn lie to the FBI about something that was politically sensitive, rather than illegal?

  1. The FBI was leaking everything at the time – they had even leaked General Flynn’s intercepted calls to the media and other FISA-protected communications. Flynn knew if he gave politically sensitive information to the FBI, it would immediately be leaked and used against the Trump admin.
  2. Who is the FBI? At the time, the four most senior people were FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI General Counsel (the FBI’s powerful senior lawyer) James A Baker, and Chief Investigator Peter Strzok. These were also the people on Comey’s “Mid-year exam” email exonerating Clinton before Clinton herself and numerous senior aids had even been interviewed, and language was modified to avoid criminal prosecution.
  3. James Comey has since outed himself as a leaker.
  4. Andrew “First we fuck Flynn, then we fuck Trump” McCabe is under active investigation for his clear conflicts of interest relating to being the beneficiary of hundreds of thousands of dollars of Clinton surrogate’s “campaign donations” to his wife.
  5. James Baker, General Counsel, is reportedly under investigation for leaking national security information to the media in order to damage Trump. This revelation was made by the excellent Sarah Carter of Circa in July, and was not refuted by Baker or the FBI.
  6. Peter Strzok had blatant political bias, revealed in text messages that only could have been picked up as part of DOJ’s numerous active investigations into criminal leaks. There is no other way these messages could have been legally obtained. Strzok is also the guy who allowed Heather Mills to sit in on Hillary Clinton’s “interview” as her legal counsel, despite herself being a key witness in the “matter”. He has also presumably spun up the immunity deals for everyone from Clinton’s staff and IT people, to her house keeper.

So General Flynn made an impulsive decision to avoid giving politically sensitive information to the FBI about his legal and sanctioned calls to the Russian Ambassador because he knew that if he did, then that information would be selectively sliced, diced, spun and leaked – as had been done numerous times by corporate controlled mainstream media before and since.

It’s a reasonable assumption to make, given that at the time there were several leaks a day coming from the government’s Departmental holdover bureaucrats. Remember, this was less than a month into the Trump admin, well before Sessions.

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