I don’t have to “Just Try it” or “wait till E3″ or “Wait for the Games”

I don’t “have to try it out” to know that I don’t want a camera on recording video and audio at all times in my house.  I don’t “have to try it out” to know that I don’t want a machine that won’t allow me to let my friends borrow games. I don’t “have to try it out”  to know that having a machine that requires said camera to be connected for the console to function is a stupid idea. I don’t “have to try it out” to understand that a system that requires an internet connection to function is a bad idea.  I don’t “have to try it out” to know that I don’t watch TV anymore, and abhor sports so those features are pointless to me.

My Current Media PC can absolutley DECIMATE this Xbox One. 1.6Ghz 8-Core AMD Jaguar Processor? My 2500k crushes that One’s 3.6Ghz big brother, the FX 8150. Radeon 7790-level graphics on the Xbone? My GTX660 SuperClocked can outperform THAT cards big brother the 7870(which is the card class that the PS4 is using BTW) which is two performance stacks higher in performance than the 7790 in the Xboned. Oh, and 8GB of RAM is cute…and the fact that 3GB of it is eaten by the OS….and the 5GB left is split between the GPU and CPU….Well, The GTX660 has 2GB of dedicated DDR5 and the system itself has a nice helping of 16GB of DDR3 1866….And a 500GB hard drive? Is that a Joke? And they expect to ship games on Blu-Ray? Any other Steam fans pick up Max Payne 3? Remember how that Game’s install was 30GB? Most Next-Gen games are probably going to be bigger. My media PC has a 2TB Hard Drive dedicated to Steam and a 1TB Hard Drive for Origin, Blizzard Games, etc…AND I could upgrade it further!!! You know what else? I could watch Blu-Rays on it and don’t have to worry about the MPAA spying on me and requesting more money because I have 5 people watching instead of 4 (MS patented that use for the Kinect…encarta it!)


Look man, MS already put it out there. Their intentions and what they think of us, their customers. They think we are all mindless sheeple who would go along with any crazy idea they have because of GAMEZ!!!

I guess, other than the Kinect constantly recording your home and sending video and audio to Microsoft for advertisers, my biggest issue is that they block used games. The popular argument is for piracy. I call BS on that. How many times have you heard of games like Call of Duty, Bioshock, Metal Gear, The Sims, make millions? How many times have you heard stories of small indie developers become over night millionaires? It’s more common than you think. An average indie Android game developer makes $52,000 a month…and that’s on a platform that’s so easy to pirate on it’s RIDICULOUS!! It can’t be piracy then. It’s just pure GREED. They don’t want you trading games with your friend. They don’t want you letting friends borrow games. It’s all about control.

Sorry guys, if gaming gets to Draconian, I’ll stick with Nintendo for a while and just end up reading comics, writing my novel, reading books, theirs a lot more to life, and after dumping watching Television years ago, my only interaction with the TV was to play some games on my media pc. I still watch some quality scripted television and alternative news media, but I tend to do that stuff at my PC…or on my Nexus 7…or my HTC (good) One…or my iPad…


Microsoft is trying this due to hubris. A Microsoft head actually went on the record and told us “If you want backwards compatibility, then you’re mentally backwards.” He seriously SAID THAT! How can I even consider buying a console from a company that basically just called me retarded? They feel they dominated this generation(which they didn’t Nintendo did…I was as shocked as you…look it up… the total combined world-wide sales of 360 and PS3 is CLOSE to the Wii). I’m hoping that with a big enough backlash they will step down from all these draconian measure, or at the very least, fire a warning shot across Sony’s bow, to make sure they don’t pull similar shenanigans at E3.


But, yeah…I don’t “have to try it out” Unless MS completely goes back on almost everything they said, this machine will NEVER find a place in my home, and from what I’ve been reading EVERYWHERE, or anybody elses for that matter.

Oh and here’s my speculative prices for the Xbox One.

$299.99 with 2 Year Subscription to Xbox Live @ $14.95 per Month

$699.99 without subscription, but will require the $14.95 subscription to use the full functions of the machine. You can still use the Xbox Live Gold account(the one that’s $50-$60 a year), but it will be renamed Xbox Basic which will allow Online Gaming and streaming from select sources. Xbox Free(aka Silver) will basically allow you to turn on and use the system for Games and Blu-Ray movies.

I feel bad for anyone who falls for the 2 year subscription version, because if this new Xbox is anything like the old 360, you’ll probably have to spend $700 anyway once you’re $300 one RRoDs…

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