I was always going to get the PS4, why I’m not getting the Xbox One.

Honestly, right now the fact that Kinect is required to be connected is really the only thing that keeps me from getting them both. I don’t mind that the PS4 is 50% more powerful and $100 less, I don’t even mind that the Kinect is packaged in, I just don’t want to be forced to use it. I’ve always had every platform since the NES vs Master System days. It’s not the mere fact that it could be used for illicit purposes (think NSA scandal), but on a more accepted level, it’s another point of failure. The Xbox 360 had a severe Quality issue, I personally went through 4 Xbox 360s while my launch 20GB PS3(recently upgraded to a 500GB drive) is still chugging along. My point is that the Camera adds another point of failure, perhaps not due to mechanical, but accidental incidents such as falling to the ground if on top of a TV, or a child knocking it to the ground when it in front of the TV. And if I were to wrap it up and put it away when not in use, I shouldn’t have to get it back out to just play Mass Effect 7: Search for the Pirates Gold or Call of Duty: Night Stalkers (now with Vampires AND Werewolves), where the control is best with just the controller. The Kinect’s requirement to be always connected (especially for a family with young children) puts a real hindrance to owning Microsoft’s machine. The PS4 really blew me away at E3, and the fact thatĀ  it’s $100 less, more powerful, and if I wanted a a camera, it’s only $60 away. Not to mention how much better of a service PS+ is for a person like me (I prefer single player games, so the freebees and game discounts are very attractive to me, not to mention I have a Vita and the instant game collection paid for itself. Besides, CoD and Battlefield are better on PC, hell all games with a PC version are better on PC). I was always going to get a PS4, Sony really hasĀ  better and more varied first party developers, rivaled only by Nintendo. Microsoft really only has Forza and Halo…Gears has grown tired, and other than Crimson Dragon, nothing on the new system interests me. I don’t feel I will be missing much avoiding Microsoft’s console this next generation. And those media functions are useless to me and a growing segment of the population who don’t watch “live” TV and center our passive entertainment around digital media and streaming. Sure, Microsoft’s new system has those functions, but so does the PS4 and my Media PC (2500k+GTX660…games real nice), hell the Ouya. Microsoft also let one of their best assets collapse into itself, I speak now about Rare. Talk about wasted talent, why did Microsoft even buy them? They did Wonders for Nintendo, and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was pretty fun. Microsoft’s disregard for Indies really irks me to. Some of the most fun I’ve had recently have been with indie games, and seeing games like Fez being treated like second class citizens on Xbox, while being respected on Steam (I’m talking about MS charging the maker $10,000 to patch the game…it’s free to do on Steam), really irks me. I guess the price is a bit much, but I worked a summer to get a Saturn (Got a PS1 for Christmas….memories), so to get the handful of exclusives that might interest me in the future, I might have considered an Xbox One, regardless the $100 price difference in spite the performance deficit (again I remember the Saturn costing more than the PS1, yet the PS1 was quite a bit more powerful and cheaper), but the requirement for the camera being connected is too much, not to mention that inspite of TWO WEEKS (or months if take the backlash Adam Orth got from his Tweets) of ranting and raving, MS went ahead with that moronic DRM Scheme at E3. If there was anytime to say your not doing something so stupid, it would have been at your conference. Instead they saw how the PS4 dominated in pre-orders and internet love, and reacted. Microsoft is a company that is just after the money. What they should be after is a happy customer, because if you go after a happy customer money will always follow, but if you ignore the customer and go after money, the customer will go away.

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