Steven Paddock’s brother caught in a lie

There’s a glaring inconsistency in his story.

He talks about AR’s and bump stocks in the second interview video, yet in his first interview he clearly said his brother didn’t own any AR’s, that he helped him move from one house to another and there was nothing like that.

So how does it go from “My brother doesn’t own assault rifles and isn’t that into guns” to him knowing about the bump stocks his brother had, and being knowledgeable about rifles himself in general!?!

PROOF: First interview:

at 4:18

“No, not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kinds of weapons is just…. where the hell did he get automatic weapons”

And in the second interview video:

at 29:57 “Steve bought those bump stock things, were they attached to guns when they found them?”

“He may have had them in the bag because he tried them and didn’t like them”

“Have any of you ever fired an automatic weapon, it’s not fun”.

So CLEARLY he knew his brother owned assault rifles, and wanted to make them automatic!!! He knew his brother tried the bump stocks and didn’t like them. On top of that, he also clearly has been shooting automatic rifles to know himself that they are “not fun”.

When the reporter asks him if his brother had a military background at 1:50 in the first interview video, he gets a little strange in his movements, looks down, then says quickly in a stutter “I d-d-don’t want to talk much more”. I don’t think this means he has a military background, but it does mean something related to that word triggered him….like I don’t know…..arms dealing, or some other shady stuff.

He also says in the second interview:

“The FBI doesn’t talk to me because they think I’m lying”

Why would he have reason to think the FBI thinks he’s lying? Unless he’s hiding something. The brother knows more than he’s letting on!! They need to put the pressure on and crack him like a walnut!

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