Tesla Is Sending Battery Packs to Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

A plea for Tesla to send help to Puerto Rico was spelled out with the remnants of a house torn apart from Hurricane Irma, and the electric car marker is now sending aid. In addition to building electric cars, Tesla also sells an at-home battery pack, the Powerwall, that can capture energy generated by solar panels: Tesla is now shipping hundreds of Powerwalls to Puerto Rico as the island continues to suffer from power outages.

Puerto Rico was already grappling with power outages after Hurricane Irma, a cateogry 5 storm, hit the island. At least 60,000 people were already without power when Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, knocked out power for the entire island’s 3.5 million residents. Generators are currently helping power high-priority buildings like hospitals, but power likely won’t return to the entire island for another six months. Tesla’s Powerwall could help bridge the gap in some areas as Puerto Rico works to repairs its electrical grid.

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